Err is a Twin Cities artist
collective hell-bent on
championing emerging artists.

We throw art-filled parties, and make party-filled art.
We're about getting down and lifting up.
We hold ourselves responsible.
We don't do this alone.
Erryone is invited.

"So what is this Err thing?"

Err (ryhmes with hair) was born in the summer of 2014 from all-caps Facebook comment threads, idealistic coffee dates, midnight run-ins on the street, and boozy candlelit scheming circles. We were a group of artists with a crystal clear passion, and a hazy idea. We knew that we believed in the art of our friends, and wanted to celebrate what they were creating. We knew that we wanted to make a space where good art met good vibes, and we knew that we wanted to help turn the emerging artist into the up-and-coming artist.

Today, we are an expanding, engaged creative community, providing artists space on both page and stage. Our monthly events and handmade zines feature local artists of all mediums.

Those held responsible

  • Hanna Kjeldbjerg

    Hanna Kjeldbjerg was struck by idea lightning and—praise be for the type of friends who manifest—Err was born. She is a poet, an editor at Beaver’s Pond Press, and feels constantly victimized by Mercury Retrograde.

  • V. S. Ramstack

    V. S. Ramstack is a Pisces, a selective extrovert, and an avid crier. She rations her love between sushi, cats, the moon, and flowers. She believes the poet incarnate rests in everyone. (Visit her blog at:

  • Airin Murphy

    Airin Murphy plays with words . she recently broke up with “proper” English Writing Conventions when she realized that she always had been faithful to them but they never had been faithful to her . she dresses herself in big socks and big ideas .

  • Shannon Fletcher

    When she’s not working as a shadowy corporate ghostwriter, Shannon Fletcher likes to drink gin, pet dogs, and write poems for the moon. She is getting pretty good at making up words, orienteering, and winged eyeliner.

  • Grace Lansing

    Grace Lansing is an artist, activist, and accident waiting to happen. She believes in grassroots organizations and hopes to channel creative energy into her own non-profit one day. Grace will sing 4 Non Blondes during every good moment until she dies, and all her weird great friends will sing it at her funeral until their voices run out.

  • Kellie Reichert

    Kellie Reichert, transdimensional songstress, finds herself with glee. The collective glows as it grows, a cherub trembling with life. From the catacomb nectar oozes, syllabic spirals spin off into the night. They move in pace with bass, then snare as the cosmic hula hoop surrounds her.

  • Rachel Mogck

    Rachel Mogck escapes using TV shows, RPGs, the same 3 albums over and over again, and magic. She will probably ask you what sign you are too quickly for your comfort. She can’t decide if she’s a fresh water nymph or siren.

  • Becca Mogck

    If Becca Mogck’s face is not the first you see at an Err event, you’re in the wrong place. She can’t speak any other languages, but is a linguist. Her Disney princess is Mushu.

  • Trevor Simmons

    Trevor Simmons debases the everlasting burial rite with funked up puns, unpardonable dad-jokes and an occasional poem. He comes with several modes of mental superstition, and a mangled big toe. He digs crow-pose, Chinaski and kind hearted criminals.

Those Formerly Held Responsible:

Michelle Lippman. Libby Borchert. Taylor Hammes. Trevor Simmons. Patrick Erbe. Tim Schumacher.

Our Artists

Err: Volume One

Err: Volume One book cover
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Since our first event in 2014, Err has featured the work of over one hundred Twin Cities artists at our monthly events and accompanying handbound zine, Errata.

A distillation of every Err event from 2014 - 2016, Err: Volume One brings the artwork, poetry, short stories, lyrics, comedy, and photographs of Err artists together in one full-color, 320-page book.



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For more photos of our past events, along with other media, visit our archive


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