Err is a Twin Cities artist
collective hell-bent on
championing emerging artists.

We throw art-filled parties, and make party-filled art.
We're about getting down and lifting up.
We hold ourselves responsible.
We don't do this alone.
Erryone is invited.

So what is this Err thing?

Err (rhymes with hair) was born in the summer of 2014 from all-caps Facebook comment threads, idealistic coffee dates, midnight run-ins on the street, and boozy candlelit scheming circles. We were a group of artists with a crystal clear passion, and a hazy idea. We knew that we believed in the art of our friends, and wanted to celebrate what they were creating. We knew that we wanted to make a space where good art met good vibes, and we knew that we wanted to help turn the emerging artist into the up-and-coming artist.

Today, we are an expanding, engaged creative community, providing artists space on both page and stage. Our monthly events and handmade zines feature local artists of all mediums.

Those held responsible

  • Hanna Kjeldbjerg

    Eye of the Err // Hanna Kjeldbjerg was struck by idea lightning on a Fourth of July trip to Duluth and—praise be for the type of friends who manifest—Err was born. She’s an editor at Beaver’s Pond Press, an independent publisher in Minnesota, and has an emotional attachment to the em dash.

  • Airin Murphy

    Ethereal Emcee // Airin Murphy plays with words . she recently broke up with “proper” English Writing Conventions when she realized that she always had been faithful to them but they never had been faithful to her . she dresses herself in big socks and big ideas .

  • Shannon Fletcher

    Brand Witch // Shannon Fletcher’s fingerprints are literally all over this book. As are a few of her feline roommates’ hairs. She’s a left-handed leftist, a poet, and a copywriter living and working in Minneapolis. She’s a sinner; she’s a saint; she’s a Scorpio. She smells like vetiver, hot sauce, and makeup setting spray.

  • Grace Lansing

    Visual Art Maestro // Grace Lansing is an artist, activist, and accident waiting to happen. She believes in grassroots organizations and hopes to channel creative energy into her own non-profit one day. She will sing 4 Non Blondes during every good moment until she dies, then all her friends will sing it at her funeral.

  • Kellie Reichert

    Hymn Huntress // Kellie Reichert, transdimensional songstress, finds herself with glee. The collective glows as it grows, a cherub trembling with life. From the catacomb nectar oozes, syllabic spirals spin off into the night. They move in pace with bass and snare as the cosmic ring surrounds her.

  • Rachel Mogck

    Media Mage // Rachel Mogck is an aspiring sound designer. One of her life goals is to meet Isaac Brock and tell him she loves him and that he changed her life. She is a Pisces who believes in magic and will probably ask you what your sign is faster than you are comfortable with.

  • Becca Mogck

    Merch Goddess // Becca Mogck is a future educator and current linguistic badass pursuing a bachelor’s degree at the University of Minnesota. She enjoys coffee in every form and spends her spare time lifting her friends up while still keeping them grounded.

  • Trevor Simmons

    Second-string Mytho-poetic Linebacker // Trevor Simmons debases the everlasting burial rite with funked up puns, unpardonable dad-jokes, and an occasional poem. He comes with several modes of mental superstition and a mangled big toe. He digs crow-pose, Chinaski, and kind-hearted criminals.

Those Formerly Held Responsible:

Michelle Lippman. Libby Borchert. Taylor Hammes. Patrick Erbe. Tim Schumacher. V. S. Ramstack.

Our Artists

    • Poetry
      • V. S. Ramstack
      • Tim Schumacher
      • Airin Murphy
      • S. J. Fletcher
      • Terry Scott Niebeling
      • Kat Klima
      • Mandy Dahlheimer
      • Nina Ewest
      • Aaron Levy
      • Jacob Strain
    • Short Stories
      • Matthew Mcguire
      • Hanna Kjeldbjerg
      • Michelle Lippman
      • Graham Smith
      • Feld Sprucetree
      • Danny Jay
      • Maya Beck
      • Kerry Jade Aberman
      • Sanaphay Rattanavong
    • Spoken Word
      • Jacob Grady Nelson
      • Hasani Harris
      • Mario Stokes
      • Madeline Flemming
    • Nonfiction
      • Taylor Trauger
    • Taylor Hammes
    • Iris Rose Page
    • Rhialize
    • Ben Alberti
    • Theresa Crozier
    • Alyssa Johnson
    • Jordan Roots
    • Joe Buchhholz
    • Hosana Rasmussen
    • Jaira Seth Donery
    • Vatina Marie McLaurin
    • Mollie Rae Miller
    • Celeste Kelsch
    • Zachariah Wolfgang Seabloom
    • Nick Vanderloop
    • Austin Odom
    • Tessa Carlson
    • Larissa Leshovsky
    • Jason Davis
    • Kevin Boehner
    • Ciara Newton
    • Erika Mathison
    • Steph Guidera
    • John Scarr
    • Louie Darang
    • 26 BATS!
      • Bailey Cogan
      • Karl Remus
      • Christian Wheeler
      • Daniel Chavel
      • Warren Fenzi
    • Mia Elacqua
    • Karishma R. Sharma
    • MollieRae Miller
    • Jäc Pau
    • Kevin Boehner
    • Meaghan Murray
    • Shannon Jeanne Fletcher
    • Ashley Mari
    • Abdullahi Soyan
    • Maya Beck
    • Zachary Flessert
    • Cold Pillow
      • Keanue Driscoll-Cherland
      • Christian Bergmann
      • Shea Frazer
      • Oscar Un
    • Ross Hernandez
    • Thuba Nguyen
    • Gint Aras
    • Jason Davis
    • Stephen Wulff
    • Jackson and the Roosters
      • Jackson Chalgren
      • Wills Johnson
      • Sam Beseres
      • Alex Glasenapp
      • Ann Letsinger
    • Rachel Gay
    • Ynot "The Priceless One"
    • Patrick Zabinski
    • Becca Burghardi
    • Tony Ford & Lindsay Gella
    • Off-10 Publications
    • Fragile Canyons
      • Andy Engstrom
      • Noah Welter
      • Chase Wackerfuss
    • Hanna Kreibich
    • Becca Abellera
    • Danial Davis
    • Tessa Carlson
    • Eric Larson
    • Joey Hamburger
    • Janet Prues with Tim Anderson
    • Angelo Vescio
    • Madeline Fleming
    • Turn Back Now
    • King October
    • Zachary Flessert
    • Taylor Seaberg
    • Alex Gregory
    • Dan Rosen
    • EJ Easley
    • Nick Vanderloop
    • ProllyTri$
    • S'sence Adams
    • Jasmine McConnel
    • Erik Dosedel
    • Kyle Werstein
    • Meaghan Murray
    • David Ungs
    • Kama J (Black Magick)
    • Zachariah Wolfgang Seabloom
    • The Enigmaknots
    • Prate
    • Ali Sultan and Angelo Vesio (the Vesh)
    • Judy Gloom
      • Amanda Zimmerman
      • Kirstin McDuffie
      • Jenny Case
      • Alyse Emanuel
    • Gordon W. Fredrickson
    • Zachary Flessert
    • October Dixon
    • Celeste Kelsch
    • Janet Preus
    • Whistlepig
    • Rachel Mogck
    • Ramy Selim
    • Grace Lansing
    • Kellie Reichert
    • Airin Murphy
    • Rebecca Mogck
    • Shannon Fletcher
    • Hanna Kjeldbjerg
      • Nico Swenson
      • Emily Rose Duea
      • Mandy Goldberg
      • Grace Christenson
      • Josiah Thompson
      • Jason Kronelis
      • Josie Lampone
    • People WILL Dance
      • Taylor Seaberg
      • Donovan Seaberg
      • Jay Weiler
    • Turn Back Now
      • Claude Culotta
      • Justin Johnson
      • Nathan Shroud
      • Blake Johnson
      • Colby Swanson
    • Dan Mark
    • Jared San Miguel
    • Jaira Seth Donery (Inner Terrestrial)
    • “Drawn Together”
      • Dolan Cyr
      • Alex Kuno
      • Dan Wiekan
      • David Witt
    • Joe Buchholz
    • Nina Ewest
    • Sanaphay Rattanavong
    • God Takes a Holiday
    • Eric Larson
    • Lavender Daughter
    • Airin Murphy
    • Michelle Lippman
    • S. Fletcher
    • V.S. Ramstack
    • Tim Schumacher
    • Hanna Kjeldbjerg
    • Graham Smith
    • Taylor Trauger
    • Emerson Eric Lund
    • Ben Alberti
    • Sonic Intension
    • Hanna Kjeldbjerg
      • With live hula-hoop performance by Taylor Hammes and Cara Cesar
    • Nico Swenson
    • Michelle Lippman
    • Rhialize
    • Grace Lansing and Libby Borchert
    • S. Fletcher
    • Jacob Grady
    • Airin Murphy
    • Iris Rose Page
    • Whitetail
    • Tim Schumacher
    • V.S. Ramstack
    • Matthew McGuire
    • Taylor Hammes
    • Kellie Reichert and Jake Rohde (from Peregrine Perspective)

The Book

Err: Volume One book cover
inside page 1
inside page 2
inside page 3
inside page 4
inside page 5

Err Volume One

Since our first event in 2014, Err has featured the work of over one hundred Twin Cities artists at our monthly events and accompanying handbound zine, Errata.

A distillation of every Err event from 2014 - 2016, Err: Volume One brings the artwork, poetry, short stories, lyrics, comedy, and photographs of Err artists together in one full-color, 320-page book.



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For more photos of our past events, along with other media, visit our archive


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